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Dallah Albaraka Group created in 1990 Algerian Saudi Leasing (ASL)

Dallah Albaraka Group and Banque Extérieure d’Algérie (BEA) created in 1990 through a 50-50% association Algerian Saudi Leasing (ASL), a new company directly present in Algeria and specialized in cross-border leasing finance of industrial equipments dedicated to professional use...

ABG Capital – Paris
ABG Capital Paris intervenes as the representative company of Arab Leasing International Finance (ALIF) Jeddah, Algerian Saudi Leasing Limited (ASL Ltd) British Virgin Islands and Alif Trading Company (ATCo) United Kingdom, three subsidiaries of the Dallah Albaraka Group ...

Alif Trading Company UK
Alif Trading Company U.K., a 100% ALIF subsidiary, is specialized in organizing and in putting in place short term finance facilities covering exportations and also importations of semi finished products, consumables and small equipments...


Arab Leasing International Finance (ALIF) is a Al Baraka Group subsidiary (100%) created in 1987.
Its capital equals 5 million US Dollars.
Since its creation, ALIF had access to the long-term resources of Dallah Albaraka Group and therefore participated in several financing projects transactions with a global amount exceeding 850 million US Dollars. The today outstanding amount of projects to be financed is equivalent to 300 million Dollars.
ALIF Jeddah is represented in Paris by its subsidiary, ABG Capital, a company specialized in financial engineering, and in Tunis by its back office company, International Leasing Service (ILS), and finally in London, by its other subsidiary,
Alif Trading Company (ATCo).


“DALLAH MAINTENANCE AND WORK” a company founded in 1969, became in four decades only an international conglomerate including more than 300 companies, employing 60,000 people throughout the world and having a global asset base exceeding 7 billion US Dollars. The participation level of the Dallah Albaraka Group in its financial divisions is evaluated to 907 million US Dollars in 1998,

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A financial leasing transaction is analyzed as a leasing agreement under the terms of which a lessor (leasing company) authorizes the lessee to use an asset that the lessor should have acquired at the request of the lessee and on the basis of technical specifications and also of an agreed price between the supplier and the buyer (the lessee). The financial lease is carried out against payment of an agreed sum (rent) according to a repayment schedule. At the end of the period, the lessor may offer to the lessee, a unilateral option to purchase the asset for an already known fixed price (residual value),

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